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5 kΩ Slip Clutch, Extra Life Potentiometers - NOS

5 kΩ Slip Clutch, Extra Life Potentiometers - NOS

SKU: 5kPots

These elusive Allen Bradley 5 kΩ extra life potentiometers with a special slip clutch feature are most famous for being used in Atari games like Warlords but were used in many others. They can be used in any game that requires a standard 5 kΩ potentiometer. These are 100% NOS, still in their original packing material. Extra life means they are rated for many more turns than a regular potentiometer and the slip clutch feature prevents over torquing during aggressive game play.

  • Warranty

    This is a genuine NOS item with a date code from the early 1980s. Each unit is tested for full and fluid changes in resistance across the entire wiper surface before shipping. There is no warranty expressed or implied following this initial test. The potentiometer is extremely well built and is anticipated to last well beyond standard potentiometers on the market today, particularly when used in player control applications.

  • Shipping

    Free shipping provided by FedEx Ground or Home Delivery and is included in total cost of item. International shipping is available at an additional cost.

  • OEM Part Number



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