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When video arcades closed their doors after reaching peak popularity in the early 1980s, many of the classic games you remember were either sadly destroyed or stored in unconditioned warehouses, storage sheds or basements. Time has taken its toll on the electronics and cabinets alike. Discovering one of these gems decades later brings both immediate excitement of owning a part of history followed by the anxiety of restoring the game to its full operating capabilities.

We're here to help with the latter.

Finding the correct resources to troubleshoot, repair and rebuild 40 year old digital and analog technology is not easy. Our love of playing these fantastic games coupled with years of practice and experience in engineering and electronics created the perfect storm to breathe life into what was once a dead pile of silicon and wood.

Our primary expertise lies in the Sega G80 platform. This includes both the vector and raster titles released for the system along with the infamous Electrohome G08 color vector monitor that frightens even seasoned technicians. We've developed a streamlined system that will result in many years of reliable performance using NOS or OEM parts, where available, and the highest quality modern parts, as necessary.

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