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Vector Vault proudly offers the following mail-in repair services. We are so confident in our work that all repairs come with a one year workmanship warranty. Learn more about what we have to offer below.

G08 Paddle.jpeg
Omega Race Logic.jpeg


Vector and Raster Game Logic

The Sega G80 card cage system presents many challenges in troubleshooting and diagnosis due to its design. Our specialized test gear makes short work of iterative test methods often seen with card cage hardware. Our team has a highly trained ear to also ensure every analog sound is present and accurately generated.


Color Vector Monitor

The urban legend of the 'flaming G08' ends here. We meticulously tear down and test all semiconductors out of circuit, reinforce weak board interconnects, upgrade certain components and run a rigorous burn in test to make sure your vector monitor is as solid as it can be for years to come.


Vector Game Logic

So many Omega Race cabinets sit dormant because the NiCad battery leaked, causing significant damage to all components below it. We go the extra mile to repair battery damage to the best of our ability (photo of damage requested). While some battles scars will remain on the board, you can enjoy destroying droids for days!

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