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Electrohome G08 Monitor Repair

Electrohome G08 Monitor Repair

SKU: G08Repair

The Electrohome G08-003 color vector monitor is used in Sega vector games Space Fury, Tac/Scan, Eliminator, Zektor and Star Trek. This service includes a complete rebuild of the entire monitor chassis. We also replace certain electrical or hardware components that are known to be critical to the circuit and regain solid inter-board connections. We then burn-in test the hardware for several hours to ensure time and temperature stability of all repairs.


Disassemble and securely ship the following compoents to address provided at checkout:


  • Deflection board
  • Input clamp board
  • High voltage cage
  • Transistor heat sink with fan
  • Important Exceptions

    This monitor uses two custom integrated circuits, IC600 and IC900 and a high voltage transformer that has not been reproduced. While the failure rate for these items is low, we have come across dead or malfunctioning parts on occasion. Should this be the case, we will contact you directly for further guidance including possible replacement with spare inventory on hand, subject to availability.

  • Warranty

    All repairs come with a 365 day workmanship warranty. This warranty does not include damage caused by a malfunctioning power supply or malfunctioning game logic cards. Please verify all DC voltages before powering the game in your cabinet. Consider our logic repair service if you are unsure about the working status of your logic cards.

  • Shipping

    Return shipping services provided by FedEx Ground or Home Delivery and is included in total cost of repair for all US shipments. International shipping is available at an additional cost.

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