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Electrohome G08 Transistor Heat Sink - As-Is

Electrohome G08 Transistor Heat Sink - As-Is

SKU: G08HeatSinkAsIs

The Electrohome G08-003 color vector monitor is used in Sega vector games Space Fury, Tac/Scan, Eliminator, Zektor and Star Trek. This item includes an as-is transistor heat sink with fan (may vary slightly from photos based on availability). If you are feeling ambitious and would like to repair your own hardware this is the option for you! Some parts may be missing or broken but always repairable...truly an as-is set.


Need an entire set of as-is G08 hardware? Look for our complete G08 package and save money by purachasing the bundle!

  • Warranty

    This item is sold as-is and will likely require some level of repair to return it to fully operational.  Therefore, this item comes with no written or implied warranty.

  • Shipping

    Free shipping provided by FedEx Ground or Home Delivery and is included in total cost of item. International shipping is available at an additional cost.

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