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Midway Omega Race Game Logic Repair

Midway Omega Race Game Logic Repair

SKU: OmegaRepair

Omega Race was Midway's only vector game and came with a fatal design flaw: a NiCad battery that would leak down the board. This service includes replacing all program and video RAM sockets, video ROM sockets, repairing broken traces with Kynar wire jumpers and general logic troubleshooting. We then burn-in test the hardware for several hours to ensure time and temperature stability of all repairs.


Due to the varying nature of battery leakage, we request a few pictures of your board prior to committing to a repair. Some boards are too extensively damaged for a reliable repair.


Disassemble the mother and daughter logic cards and securely ship to address provided at checkout.

  • Important Exceptions

    If your board is missing one or both DACs in the analog section (e.g., someone previously scavenged the board), replacement cost is $25 per DAC. This is the only exception to the $375 flat rate.

  • Warranty

    All repairs come with a 365 day workmanship warranty. This warranty does not include damage caused by a malfunctioning power supply. Please verify all DC voltages before powering the game in your cabinet.

  • Shipping

    Return shipping services provided by FedEx Ground or Home Delivery and is included in total cost of repair for all US shipments. International shipping is available at an additional cost.

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